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Notice of New Year End & Delivery

Orders from New Year holidays and
Notice of delivery

Using our shop on a daily basis
Thank you very much.

Order during year-end annual period, and shipping schedule
I will guide you.

" Order "

You can order regardless of the year-end holiday day.

Holiday:December 28, 2012 (Tuesday) -January 4, 2022 (Tuesday)

※ Please contact us during the closing period, and the product arrival date
Change and cancellation, such as reply and support
I can not do. Please be aware in advance.

" delivery "

Truly selfish, for the end of the New Year holidays
The delivery holiday is as follows.

Holiday:December 28, 2012 (Tuesday) -January 4, 2022 (Tuesday)

" others "

※ For ordering and payment after the deadline, all
Following yearJanuary 5 (Wed)We will respond more sequentially.

Information on the launch of new products: Cutlery rest-Catralise

新商品発売情報:Cutlery rest -カトラリーレスト-

The gravestones, the sekian companies,
From the official EC website of Mikage Craft.
The new Cutlery Cutlery-Cutland Resorest product will be sold on November 18.

It's a high-end black color. It is a cascading race with natural granite.
Hitottsu no Hitotsu wa Naru Hitotsunai Naritsuru Naru
Representation the space of meals on a one rank.
by a skilled artisanA full grinder gives a sense of unity with eating utensils.
And it's a simple table, but it's a table, and it's a very simple table,
I'm sorry to have the guests at the time of the visit.
90 mm × 15mm × 10mm/15mm × 10mm


How to use

[Oscars] Food washing machine, microwave, [NG] direct fire


Black granite 

*The properties of the stone, such as oil, may be dyed in the stone to change the color of the stone.
If there is a sudden change in temperature, there is a risk of cracking.Avoid haste and haste, please.


Also, request for the production of original products to the Company.
If you are considering the process after finishing your work, please contact us with your inquiry.

For more information,This way.from the

Notice of coverage: I was picked up in the middle of Japan


I am indebted, Mikage-Craft staff Sayama.
Thank you for always looking at our shop.

We will report the following after the other day, but our representative is also featured in the newspaper and published in the newspaper!

We picked up in this newspaper, local companies. We are very happy to receive a lot of encouragement words and cheering from transactions.

We would like to provide a lot of products to everyone in the future, so thank you for your guidance and encouragement.
In addition, please feel free to contact us if you ask for the production of the original product to our company or after purchasing!