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What I wanted to develop ON-DISH is a key word with my grandmother.

My grandmother was conducting a tombstone store with two tripods with my grandfather who is a predecessor.

I made a tombstone at the factory every day every day and I was working in a graveyard.

And my grandfather died, I was dying from my family business and taught my grandmother to my grandmother.

There is a memorable memory that I had a hard time.

Her grandmother made ginger grilled to me for lunch for a cold day. It was delicious ginger grilled, but her grandmother said, "Sorry for getting cold soon," ginger grilled with a slightly lonely face.

Even though I made a lot, I felt that I was sorry that I'm sorry I could give a dishes.

But it is not a way, it was only useless to cool, even though I care about such a thing, so I could not help it because it was normal.

Such a summer day, I was working as always, but I touched the black tombstone and touched "Hot!" The stone outdoors had become very hot with direct sunlight.

I thought it was likely to be able to cook it if it was so hot. And "Wait a minute, I can't use really hot stones for cooking?"

Such a thing is ON-DISH that finally arrived at trial and error.

When I showed my prototype to my grandmother, it was still clear in a clear memory that I was delighted.

↑ The first prototype was served as a grandmother ginger grilled.


Like me and grandmother, we have continued to improve with the idea of ​​increasing the person who can smile by using this plate.

By all means, thank you for your support.