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It is very easy to use.

Just tin to the microwave to be the warmth of your choice.

Place warm dishes for ON-DISH, which is warm at the range. Then keep the warmth for 15 minutes.

Use scene

· House at home

The usual rice is more delicious and warm.



· Home party

It is more delicious if you use it with everyone.


· As gift

To the important person who likes cooking.


· At restaurant

To customers, proposals for new value.


important point

· There is a risk of cracking if a plate is resistant to a plate.

· After tinning with a microwave oven, the plate will be hot, so please be careful about burns using pots and so on.

· The usable temperature range is -20 ° C to 200 ° C. If you warm the plate too much, the plate may break.