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新商品発売情報:Cutlery rest -カトラリーレスト-

Information on the launch of new products: Cutlery rest-Catralise

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From the official EC website of Mikage Craft.
The new Cutlery Cutlery-Cutland Resorest product will be sold on November 18.

It's a high-end black color. It is a cascading race with natural granite.
Hitottsu no Hitotsu wa Naru Hitotsunai Naritsuru Naru
Representation the space of meals on a one rank.
by a skilled artisanA full grinder gives a sense of unity with eating utensils.
And it's a simple table, but it's a table, and it's a very simple table,
I'm sorry to have the guests at the time of the visit.
90 mm × 15mm × 10mm/15mm × 10mm


How to use

[Oscars] Food washing machine, microwave, [NG] direct fire


Black granite 

*The properties of the stone, such as oil, may be dyed in the stone to change the color of the stone.
If there is a sudden change in temperature, there is a risk of cracking.Avoid haste and haste, please.


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