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Mikagi Stone Heat Stormability

Mikaga Stone is a kind of stone with a kind of fire rocks, and it is a stone that has cooled deep and solid.

It is very hard in the stone and is characterized by less aging.

Mikagi stone melting point is very high at 1000-1200 ° C and can store many heat. That is, it is a substance with high heat storage.

Stone materials are produced by many places in Japan and many areas around the world and are about 300 types.

Here is a photo when I actually went to the quarry quarter of Mikaig Stone and meeting with the local people. All rockboards that look back are Mikaig Stones.

Mikaga stone is a natural material used to keep warmth, as there is a word "rice (rice ball)".

It has been attracted attention since ancient times for its heat storage, but it is mostly used as a structure, such as a tombstone and a plate stone for architectural construction.


Heat heat from the plate

Heat is accumulated by warming ON-DISH in the range.

The heat stored in ON-DISH is gradually dissipated, but its heat is the principle that dishes are kept warm.