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Christmas feature

To Christmas feature

On-dish 5 Features

Using selected natural granite (Mikage-stone)

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Reason for warmth

Heat storage of the granite (Mikage-stone)

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Mikage Craft

-Life with Stones-
a thermal function that is difficult to cook cold

When cooked on a warm on-dish, you will be warm for 15 minutes after it is cooked.The temperature of on-dish will be about 70 °C with a range of only 1 minute in the range.

a natural shade of choice (Mikage) stone

There are 300 types of stone materials in the world.Based on the physical properties such as the compression strength of the stone material, and the shrewness of the eye, and the small amount of change over the years, stone materials are used.

Reliability and high quality of food installed at restaurants

It is also effective to polish the dishes until they are polished and polish them to prevent dirt.In addition, all the corners of all the dishes are all round, and they are polite to the details.

Traditional stone industry produced by Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture

"I want to know the goodness of the stone."

Mikage CRAFT was born with "craft" that represents the material of the product to form such a thought.

"Mika Yoshiya" is a natural stone that has been solid in the underground magma, and there is no same color or shape as one. I will finish it into a tableware with one by one thinking of such granite.

Not only eating, not just "producing the space of the meal" is such a brand.


Youtuber Oishiya (Cococoro)

"Let's be delighted by people"
Cooking entertainer.
The "Why" of cooking is theoretically easy to understand.
YouTube "Cococoro Channel"
Number of registereders 360,000, in addition to restaurant management,
Development and production of cookware and produce are also handled.
His book is "CocoCoro Daei Doya's Doya", "Cococoro Oishi Tetsuya God Renew Recipe" etc.

Professional sorting and functions for various dishes

ON-DISH Five Features

1 1 will be held only for 15 minutes
2 Use the selected natural granite (Mikage)
3 There is no one as one
4 dishwasher can also be used
5 Design with a sense of luxury

Our ON-DISH supports the only dining and drinking dishes from both design + functionality, hotels, and only one day to create a dining table.

mikage craft コラム

-Life with Stones-

We have the 'On-dish' design and functionality of our company, which uses natural granite.

I hope to enrich your table with our tableware.