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Operation-Ishi Cheap Corporation ~

The tombstone, which is founded in Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture, has been certified as a high quality tombstone and a proper price, and certified as "100 elective Japanese tombstone stores".

Tombstone processing technology was applied to other stone products and launched a new brand with the idea that I wanted to know the stone.


New brand ~ Mikage Craft ~

The name Mikage Craft was a material called "Mikaga Stone" and a "craft" that means handmade and named.

I want the logo to incorporate a maked stone in a living, and I would like to use Mikaig Stone to make a playful product.

We have developed ON-DISH as the first product of Mikage Craft.


Ishio Co., Ltd. Representative Takagi Daisuke

I will be a representative of Ishiro's fifth generation, Daisuke Takagi is the project responsible.

I was originally working in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as a researcher about aerospace such as plane and rocket.

The work was very interesting, and I was crazy and working. However, the predecessor grandfather died and decided to re-join the family business.

The work of the aerospace was also very interesting, but I decided to do my best to do my best to do my best, and I worked hard with my home business.

There were a lot of things that could not work, and there was also a deficit, but I was able to support the family and internal and external people, and I quit my company and had a company and finally passed on the track.

For many people, I think that it is not very familiar with the stone store. I'm doing a himself a theater, so I want many people to feel more familiar with people! The idea was developed and launched a project.

Please provide some support!


Cheering message

【端 端 端 代 / 経)


The warmth is warm and cold can be provided cold.

I think it is very good as the side to be provided.

Please do your best.


【Yabashi morninghood, fine-close / at home】

The weight I was worried was not as heavy as I thought.

Because there is a sense of luxury for stones, it seems to be very active in the special occasion of invitation.

It will warm the warm tapas etc., so it's a strong friend of the girls' association. (Lol)

I would like to use it for many people.


[Yui Kojima, Atsushi Fujijo / home party]

Yuya Kojima:

If you do a home party, you often have to cool food while everyone speaks.

It looks good, it looks good!

Good luck with Cloud Funding!

History of Fujishiro:

Cooking was delicious with a luxury instrument, and I shook very much as a parties.

Cooking is recommended for warm party meals even after time.

I am supporting a wonderful device.


[Yabashi Holdings Director Yabashi Ryuki-sama / Ogaki City Company]

I think that it is good at home even at home even at home even at home.

I support the same local company as a person involved in the stone.

Please do your best!

Risk & Challenge

We are promoting the project to achieve factories and designs and specifications to create "ON-DISH". The design and specifications may be partially changed. · If there is an application that exceeds the assumption, delivery date may be delayed. Finally, we will respond with one team member so that everyone who picked "ON-DISH" will be delighted, so please support me.