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Wuned in the range.On-dishHe added the sauces of the pottery, and measured the temperature of the temperature.(* This is the result of the company's readings at room temperature 18 degrees Celsius.There is a variety of surroundments in the environment around them.)

The following is the result:On-dishFifteen minutes later, I keep my warmness.

The following is the ramography just after cooking.

on-dish (left)I looked at the pottery plate (right), and the first one was ready to cook;Both are warm.


The following is a fifteen-minute-old look.

on-dish (left)The dishes are still warm compared to the plates of earthenware (right), and the dishes are still warm.


The following is a series of images observed from 0 to 20 minutes.

in this manneron-dish (left)By using it, you can keep cooking warmth, and you are able to eat cooked meals while you are not cold, or you can taste your meal slowly.