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It's only about a minute, and it's warm for 15 minutes. (*)

The temperature of on-dish will be about 70 °C with a range of only 1 minute in the range.(※At room temperature of 18 °C, check out itself.The measurement results at the prototype stage.)

When cooked on a warm on-dish, you will be warm for 15 minutes after it is cooked.

when I tried it with a test,

"The food has become less cooled and I can enjoy eating slowly with my family."

I heard the voice of the letter.

(*) The case of the 2,280-round plate.The size of the plate changes the temperature of the plate.


(2) Use of the natural scrub of the choice of natural magnstones

There are 300 types of stone materials in the world.From that time, I use a choice of stone.

I work every day as the owner of a tombstone shop, 137 years after founding, and I work on the stone every day.Therefore, we use our previous experience and accumulated wealth to select which stone tools are to be piztali.

There are a number of types of stone, and it is a very difficult task to choose from among them.

Specifically, it is selected based on the physical properties such as the compression strength of stone materials, as well as the shorei of appearance, and a small amount of change in longitude.


(3) There is no such thing as one.

The use of granite, a natural material, and a skilled craftsman is made by hand, so the same thing is not the same.

Since stones lacked a bit of shock, we need sophisticated technology for processing.The following are a hand-made craftsman with a skilled worker, and is a prototype during the process.


There are eight processes to polish stone, and the following eight kinds of grinding stones are changed to be polished in order.

In order to make the pikapica tuna on the surface of the stone, it is necessary to polish carefully over and over again to polish it over time.If you pull out of here, there's no good tsuya.

So I'm going to spend a lot of time working on it before I make one plate.


4. Food basics are also available

On-dish can be used at high temperatures up to 200 °C.

For this reason, it is also available for eating dishes.


(v) The appearance with a high sense of sense

The plate is politely polished and has a high level of luster.It is also effective to polish to prevent dirt from being polluting until the tusia is served.

The corners are all round, and they are polite up to the details.There is also a merit that the round process prevents it from being lost and does not hurt the table.

A high-end appearance as a dish will allow you to roll up one's meal.